Believing in My Strength,the inner strength.

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

My new grand.Year 2009

The Old Kawai. More than 30 years. Bought it second-hand from Japan. I started playing this since 4 years old. Then in year 2008, something new ....

Music And Life. Piano-The Passion In My Life.

It was the starting of my four year old life when...
In fact, I remember the first time my dad told me (not suggested to me - He told me) to take piano lessons, I was taken back and so not wanting to do lessons because I had this initial thought that piano playing was only for girls. After all, the only piano players I had ever seen were ladies playing in our church and I definitely did not want to be associated with them. They looked old. They played funny and slow and to me it sounded sorta out of tune to me when they played. If I was going to do piano lessons, would I turn out like them? No way.
On top of all that, I had mates who would think I was sorta odd if I was going to do a "girl" thing. To my friends, only girls played piano. Guys played guitars, drums and brass according to them. So you can imagine my horror when my dad gave me a "no option choice" when it came to taking up piano lessons.
That was 11 years ago. Eleven years on, and I am so grateful and thankful that my dad had the foresight that I lacked to send me to piano lessons. It certainly has changed my life literally over the years. I am aiming for diploma ATCL now. Playing for soloists, groups, choirs, church congregations, and many other gigs alike has put me in contact with many people who are now friends for life. There is nothing better I like than being able to play the piano or keyboard and seeing changed lives because of it.
What I mean is that a lot of people have commented to me how my piano playing has enabled them to obtain some peace in their lives amidst the turmoil and stress. Y'see, music is the universal language in the world that goes across all barriers. It doesn't matter if we don't speak the same language, or we're a different culture, music will transcend that and put everyone on a level par. Being applauded because you've helped back a singer, helped a congregation obtain a senshen something strikes me...

This is the Twelve Apostles along the great ocean road in Victoria State, Australia

On Friends

Someone to laugh with, perhaps to shed some tears
A person who's been with you all through the years.
Someone to shelter you from days that are cold
A shoulder to lean on, a warm hand to hold.
An arm to catch you if you slip and you fall
And an ear for your problems whenever you call.
Someone to share your giggles and your screams
A person to tell all your secrets and dreams.
Someone to hug you when you're happy or sad
To just be there in the good times or bad.
A person with whom you don't have to pretend
These are the jobs of a very best friend.


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